Abuja: A lady seeks for a capable and handsome man who will impregnate her, Offers 3m professional fees.


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An Abuja based woman is desperately seeking to have a baby of her own, the woman has been in the lookout for a capable and handsome man to impregnate her.

Her request was shared by Uwaoma Susan Joseph, a social media blogger via her face book page with the woman’s identity undisclosed.

N3m is the Professional Fees for the lucky bidder.

A reward of N3m awaits the man who will be able to meet up with the high end request. This is in addition to other stringent conditions which must be fulfilled in the process of impregnating her.

As it is the norm in the social media space  the woman wrote “Please hide my ID . “She said pay is 3 Million

Social Media reactions Trails the controversial Request.

Many people have expressed their reactions to this high end controversial request, some question waiting for answers were equally asked.

Emmanuel Paul said

“No go give another person my job ooh”

“Maka ogu ga adaaaaaaa”

“Belle wey I dey giv freee”

 Melodiesofpraise Melly said:


 “Make d person no put u for trouble tomorrow.

 “Holding you kpichikom to come and show him his child.

“Make the lady use her hand look for the person.

 “Nga dikwa real.”

Quadri Oseni Yetunde said

“I love her decision, instead of getting married and getting worked up/divorce wahala”

Amaka Lucky said

“Omo! See what women are doing for men in this hard economy!”

“Free nragbu”

“Free lodging and feeding”

“Free money.”

“God when”

Queen Isaac Emejuru said

“Blindfold somebody’s son till u get pregnant..

“What if you’re not the type that takes in quickly, will he be blindfolded for a year or two? What if you didn’t get pregnant in d process? Will he still he still be paid for trying ??

“Hanty u never ready to carry belle.

Godswill Kalu said:

“How I go dey knack person wey I no dey see em face? What if na imbe.c.ile or she carry Koro Koro for her puna. That condition is tough.

“Congratulations to her in advance.”

Uwaoma Susan Joseph expressed shock where she said

“Peron wey I dey crush on don send me his picture”

“E don be”

“E don bee”

“God abeg”

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